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You are curious about how it all started? Here are four different projects for you: my first own music video, my first documentary short, my first short film at all and my first exercise short for Warsaw Film School. 'Cause you always remember the first time right?

Note: If you are a crew member of any madryfilms project in the past and want to have personal online access to watch other
projects not featured on this site as well please feel free to contact me.

Drauf&Dran music video (2014) or watch it on Youtube

Music Video: Drauf&Dran (no lyrics version) - Year of Production: 2014 - Shot on: Canon 600D - 3:44 min.

A friend of mine who is a musician and music producer asked me back in 2014 to shoot a music clip for his new song: Drauf&Dran. I agreed but wanted to make sth. more shortfilm-like with real actors instead of just filming a band. I really liked the lyrics for the song which were in german (although they can't be heard in this videoclip) and so I based the story around them. I came up with the idea that this song is about a struggling boxer during his early years of his career and who is in love with a woman. Both are in a crucial time in their lives: Him being too ambitious and focused and her trying to cope with the fact that his first love is boxing. Still they are deeply in love with each other and are fighting not to lose it.

I worked with two very talented actors from the Film Acting School Cologne, Eugen Feihe, Chryssanthi Kavazi, and was filming on my own. Most of it was shot in Cologne. But we had some exclusive shooting days in Saarbrücken in a professional boxing camp and were coached and supported by a professional team: Sergej Ostrovski (Coach) and Jürgen Doberstein (Pro-Boxer).

After finishing the video I had to live with the fact that the song project was abandoned by my friend. But the video still exists and I think is worth showing.

If you are curious about the lyrics you can watch a raw lyric version (just a voice-over by the producer) on Eugen's

Youtube site here:

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Complicated silent short (2007: my first original film project)

Shortfilm: Complicated - Year of Production: 2007 - Shot on: Panasonic NV-GS20EG - 11:20 min.

A vase breaks! This is the beginning of the argument between Isabelle and her husband James. Clumsy James in vain tries to win Isabelle's favour. Indeed people can be pretty complicated although there is a quite simple solution for a problem!

I hope you enjoy this little slap-stick short which has a special place in my heart and filmography so far. It is my first own shortfilm and first original film project which got me into studying filmmaking.

And it was my first shortfilm selected and shown at a film festival (YOUKI 10 in 2008 in Wels, Austria).

Easter Egg: Rheinische Post newspaper article about "Complicated" that'll take you down memory lane

Przedszkole documentary short (2010) (english subtitles)

Documentary: Przedszkole (Kindergarten) - Year of Production: 2010 - Spoken Language: Polish - 7:16 min.

This is the fifth and last exercise film we had to do during year 2 at Warsaw Film School and it had to be a documentary short film with a maximum length of 10 minutes.

I chose to make a film about children in a polish kindergarten. My aim was to observe the childrens' natural behaviour, interactions and their future plans.

Plato's Light silent short (2008)

Short Film: Plato's Light - Year of Production: 2008 - Shot on Sony HVR-Z1 - 2 min.

You may call this project to be my first exam short film at the Warsaw Film School in Poland. The topic which was given was "LIGHT" and the film had to be 2 minutes long. These were the only restrictions for all students.

Plato's Light is a philosophic film with a short message which represents the philosophic ideas of Plato (like Plato's cave) adding an own interpretation as well.

Explained in short: Your horizon and understanding of the world becomes bigger when you risk to break out of your bonds and experience new things. And sometimes you are forced to be looking for sth. new, although your old world seemed to be nice and cozy.