Hi! My name is Mateusz or just Mateo for you guys who don't speak polish. When I was four years old I watched E.T. for the first time on television. Since then films became an essential part of my life. They formed my imagination, my language and the way I express myself and even behave sometimes. It was thanks to my mother who loved watching good movies during the age of video cassettes and cinema in the 80s when she and my Dad moved from communist Poland to western Germany. She encouraged me and my sister to watch good films and go to the movies. By the age of 14 I began to film on my own with a camera and by 19 I completed my first original shortfilm called "Complicated". It was a technically difficult time then to film and edit stuff like that with a consumer first-gen digital camera (would be so easy with just a smart-phone nowadays). But somehow it worked out. Thanks to that project I was accepted to Warsaw Film School in 2008 to study film directing.

So I moved back to the country my parents escaped from 20 years ago. But it was different now. A modern country with a flourishing economy. And the people I studied with spoke my language (film and polish). I even was able to continue my big hobby: squash. Squash became very popular during that time in Poland. I loved being there. I finished my studies in 2011 by showcasing my diploma film "A Funny Man" and had my first to be awarded film "Purpurowa Opowiesc - The Purple Story" shown one year later. After that project I moved back to Germany and began to work as a freelancer until this day.

The name "madryfilms" originated from the first film project that started in 2003 involving mainly family members. This name represents all projects since then until 2012 including "The Purple Story". This website is a look back at this period of time with the purpose to preserve and remember the films we made together.