Short Film Series Comedy

(english title: Jango&Bob: The Bang (Episode 1)

Year of production/ release: 2008 / 2009

Language: German

Official Selection of the 7th International Short Film Festival Detmold 2011

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About J&B

This is the first out of 4 episodes about Jango&Bob, two gangsters who sit in front of each other, discussing their plans of making big money or just about how they would kill the other one.

The bizarre and comical style of the J&B series shows a unique and new way of how gangster comedies with a 30s film look can entertain us even today. Enjoy the show !

WARNING: Contains vulgar language, violence, weapons and consumption of alcohol and drugs. For 18+ Only!

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Director's Commentary (2020):

The second exercise during my first year at Warsaw Film School was to make a 2 min. "conversational shortfilm". Instead of making a meaningful, emotional or maybe a deep philosophical conversation I was fascinated by the idea of being entertained by a "primitive" conversation without any sense or meaning.

The idea turned into a full series of four episodes which we all shot on one day only and I am very proud of that. I shot the series with my good friends Frank Schlegel and Malte Schmitz (good times) and crew in Germany/Wesel. I decided to make the film in German despite it being shown to a polish audience first.

The first 2 min.-version of "Der Knall" didn't bring the great success at Warsaw Film School back in Poland I was hoping for. The grade I received was average but still I enjoyed the ride and experimenting with the genre. The german audience received it well. Maybe it was a rebellious move especially for a polish audience instead of making sth. more "european artistic real kinda thing". But it is one of the projects I enjoyed the most.

The film was selected for a film festival in Detmold and the series was shown on other events and occasions as well. It was received as a shocking but entertaining short film series.

The vulgar style and choice of strong insulting words throughout the J&B series can be funny for us although in real life it's too extreme of a language. For J and B it's everyday small talk. If you laugh, you are not primitive like J&B. Or maybe you are? I think that's what is fascinating about it, especially for german viewers who get the most out of it.

Enjoy the ride!