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Short Film Drama/ Tragedy

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Duration: 33 min.

Language: Polish

Year of production/ premiere: 2011/ 2012

Shot on Canon 5D II and Sony PMW-EX1

"The Purple Story" is a short film directed and produced by Warsaw Film School student Mateusz Madry in 2011.

A young reporter named Staszek helps an old guy who got beat up by a gang of polish hooligans. When he finally comes home his whole life seems to fall apart until he is in a situation when he needs somebody to help him.

------------------------------------------------------ Festivals, Prizes and Screenings:

Premiere on may 5th, 2012 at Kino Kultura (Warsaw, Poland)
2nd premiere screening at
Znajomi Znajomych (Warsaw, Poland)
Official Selection of
Columbia Gorge Int. Film Festival 2012 in (Vancouver, Canada)
Official Selection of
Orlando Film Festival 2012 (Orlando, USA) Vimeo
Official Selection of Eugene Int. Film Festival 2012 (Oregon, USA)
Official Selection of
Rumschpringe Int. Short Film Festival 2012 (Lancaster, USA)
Honorable Mention at
Bayou Inspirational Film Festival 2012 (Houston, USA)
Official Selection of
Salón Internacional de La Luz 2013 (Bogotá, Colombia)
Winner at
Nashville Film Festival 2013 (Nashville, USA)
Official Selection of
Polish Film Festival Los Angeles 2014 (L.A., USA)

Director's Commentary (2020):

8 years after the premiere of "The Purple Story" i think it is time to reflect on the feelings and thoughts i have on this film. First of all: It is hard to watch old projects again. As a filmmaker you only see mistakes or regret things you were not able to shoot. As every artist and every human being you grow and want to try new things and don't look back too often. I remember: After finishing this film I couldn't do anything concerning films for almost a year. That's how exhausted i felt in my brain then. But watching it now makes me realize how important of a step it was for me to take and to learn and grow as a person thanks to Staszek.

The making of the film wasn't an easy one. At the end of pre-production suddenly i was standing on my own in the role of the producer. So Staszeks fight against the world became my fight as well. Thanks to all my family members who supported me during this time we could get that film being made. But it had to be made with a total budget of 10000 € and to fit that extremely slim porte-monnaie a lot of fixes and changes had to be made. Thinking back: The first story treatment was more of a christmas story without a happy end when i wrote it in early 2008 right before my application interview at Warsaw Film School. It was a different movie then. It had the word fairytale in the title but with an ironic touch and meaning. And that's what the crew called the movie in polish while shooting: bajka (fairytale)! This ironic word stayed with us somehow. Cause a fairytale in a modern society isn't possible. But fairytales always tell some truth about the reality around us. And that was what the film did even after rewriting and shortening. The project became something else so it was appropriate to give it a new name: The Purple Story was born.

Despite the fact that the movie got some recognition at film festivals in the US, I also got a lot of feedback from viewers living in Germany on different occasions. The movie provokes emotions and that is one of the main aspects a filmmaker is trying to achieve. But it also gives much room for interpretation because of the somewhat open ending. So i get asked a lot about it. The real meaning of the ending. And my answer to that is:

Come on! If I would answer that I'd be stupid of course. Fascinating about movies with open endings is always that they make you think. But maybe you are asking the wrong question.

The question should be: What is the main theme and topic of the film. That I can answer for you. The main topic is "destiny". (And it even is a character)

Do we have a choice at all? Can we choose how our lives will turn out to be with our actions?

Most people want to believe they can. But they can't! Only sometimes! Some more than others.

Of course it is easier to just believe that you can and ignore times when you don't have a choice. Everybody does. I do too! That is how we live and manage our lives.

But when that time comes when you have a choice it is up to you to open your eyes and chose!

So tell me! Is Staszek dead or is he not? What do you see?

Mateusz Madry 5.12.20