Short Film Series Comedy

(english title: Jango&Bob: A successful hold-up (Episode 3)

Year of production/ release: 2008 / 2010

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About J&B3

After Jango's perfect plan to rob a bank which we saw in the last episode, Jango and Bob finally put the plan into practice. After their successful hold-up they meet once again in their secret hide-out to discuss the current situation.

Enjoy a new breathtaking conversation in the old characteristic J&B manner.

And don't forget to watch the never before released final episode!

WARNING: Contains vulgar language, violence, weapons and consumption of alcohol and drugs. For 18+ Only!

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Director's Commentary (2020):

The second exercise during my first year at Warsaw Film School was to make a 2 min. "conversational shortfilm". Instead of making a meaningful, emotional or maybe a deep philosophical conversation I was fascinated by the idea of being entertained by a "primitive" conversation without any sense or meaning.

The idea turned into a full series of four episodes which we all shot on one day only and I am very proud of that. I shot the series with my good friends Frank Schlegel and Malte Schmitz (good times) and crew in Germany/Wesel. I decided to make the film in German despite it being shown to a polish audience first.

The first 2 min.-version of "Der Knall" didn't bring the great success at Warsaw Film School back in Poland I was hoping for. The grade I received was average but still i enjoyed the ride and experimenting with the genre. The german audience received it well. Maybe it was a rebellious move especially for a polish audience instead of making sth. more "european artistic real kinda thing". But it is one of the projects i enjoyed the most.

The film was selected for a film festival in Detmold and the series was shown on other events and occasions as well. It was received as a shocking but entertaining short film series.

The vulgar style and choice of strong insulting words throughout the J&B series can be funny for us although in real life it's too extreme of a language. For J and B it's everyday small talk. If you laugh, you are not primitive like J&B. Or maybe you are? I think that's what is fascinating about it, especially for german viewers who get the most out of it.

Enjoy the ride!